The Easiest Way To Send Christmas Cards to Europe This Year

December can be a stressful time of year but when it comes to sending Christmas cards, Cardland has made it as easy as ordering Chinese take out for your Christmas dinner. Not only do we have a huge selection of Christmas greeting cards to suit anyone on your holiday card list, we'll take care of the mailing of them for you too -and we're conveniently located within Europe, so when mailing to all your friends and family in Spain (or anywhere in the EU for that matter), you never have to stress about import or export taxes, longer-than-expected delivery dates, or confusion over customs regulations.

At Cardland, we want to make it easy to make sure the people in your life know what they mean to you this Christmas with a quick Christmas greeting. And we know the importance of a receiving a heartfelt, handwritten holiday card instead of the cold text of an online Christmas card, so we've set up our handwritten card service to take care of both! Simply browse our Christmas card collection from our online card shop and pick your favourite, tell us what to write in it, and we'll write it out legibly and by hand, then pop it in the post for you from right here in Spain. If your loved one lives in Spain, they'll receive it as local mail in just a few days or if they happen to be elsewhere in Europe, they'll receive their Christmas card from an EU carrier service so there's no worry about it getting caught up in customs from the UK and all the delays, fines, fees, and shipping problems that's become notorious with everything coming and going through the mail after Brexit. It's infinitely easier for you and so much more personal than sending a standard online Christmas card! With our selection of lovely gifts, chocolates, photo frames, Yankee candles, and more that can be added to any order, too, you can even opt to ship a Christmas gift with your card and make someone's holiday even brighter. Include your chosen gift wrap or gift bag in your order and we'll even take care of wrapping it up, so your card and gift arrives quickly, easily, and beautifully!

Our handwritten service isn't just for sending Christmas greeting cards in Europe, either. Birthday, anniversary, baptism, New Years, new home, congratulations, engagements, get well soon...whatever the occasion, we'll happily mail your heartfelt messages in any card you like -from silly to sentimental, all year long, and always with the same beautiful handwritten service straight from Spain so all the people in your life can always get personalized, thoughtful, handwritten cards without added stress, worry, or cost to you. Just don't forget to include a stamp in your basket when you order and we'll take care of the rest!

We know December is a rush of activity, but don't forget to send your Christmas cards to friends and family soon! They've been looking forward to it all year! Find the perfect Christmas greeting card from our online Christmas card shop and follow our quick and easy handwritten card service instructions to get it in the mail today!