Birthday Card - One I love Card

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Type – Premium Cards

Your favourite international brands from the world’s biggest publishers offering that “something a little bit special.” Not all cards are created equally and these cards are sure to stand out. With many features that may include, watermarks, foil, luxury board and insets ,lenticular designed (3D), glitter, jewels, ribbon and bows, padded and other amazing embellishments all produced on high quality paperboard.

The wonderful support you show and the kindness in your heart, the meaning and the happiness that you've brought from the very start. Nothing comes close to having fun and hearing you laugh too, Holding your hand and making plans just spending time eith you. Looking at you and thanking you for everything you've done, finding the time to let you know you'll always be the one. Nothing comes close to telling you how much you'll always mean, that being in your company makes life like a dream. That every moment wouldn't feel the same without your touch.... You're someone very special and you're loved so very much. Happy Birthday


  • Size: 173 x 247

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