Birthday Card - Soulmate Card

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Type – Premium Cards

Your favourite international brands from the world’s biggest publishers offering that “something a little bit special.” Not all cards are created equally and these cards are sure to stand out. With many features that may include, watermarks, foil, luxury board and insets ,lenticular designed (3D), glitter, jewels, ribbon and bows, padded and other amazing embellishments all produced on high quality paperboard.

The one whose hands I love to hold, someone I trust so much, the person who can soothe my soul with just one simple touch. I knew from the moment I saw you that we were meant to last, That you were meant to share my life, my future and my past. I knew you were meant to be a part of this journey with me, share each new cherished hope and dream and tender memory. I knew from the moment I kissed you that what we'd found was true, and that I would do anything to hold on tight to you. I knew I had found a special friend, a heart that fits in mine... A precious person who I'll love until the end of time. Happy Birthday


  • Size: 173 x 247

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