With Deepest Sympathy On Your Loss Those We Miss Are Still With Us Card

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  • Size: 139 x 203
  • Cover: With Deepest Sympathy on your loss Those we miss are still with us, those we cannot see are still there, for memories live longer than moments, and love knows no goodbyes.
  • Inside: The tears in your eyes may blur the light, but it will shine clearly again, the happy times you shared, will guide you through the haze, until the clouds lift to show the sunrise. All that you love is a part of you, and a part of you cannot be lost, so when the pain makes it hard to understand, and the sorrow won't let you smile. Remember how blessed you are, to have this special person touch your life. On the times you long for their embrace, or hear the sound of their voice. Hold on to the joy they brought you, and listen to the beat of your heart. For there they are living on, always and forever. With deepest sympathy on your loss

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