WoodWick Ellipse Trilogy Botanical Garden

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WoodWick Ellipse Trilogy Botanical Garden Ellipse Jar Candle is a distinctive teardrop-shaped candle, featuring a Hearthwick wooden wick, which crackles as it burns with a wide-based, flickering flame, recalling cosy images of a roaring fireplace.
Releasing 3 complex, authentic fragrances, the long-lasting scent fusion conveys a profusion of garden aromas.

Lilac — releases colourful bursts of garden Lilac, filling the afternoon air with their familiar, lively aroma.
Rose — reflects delicate pink Roses, crowning a stunning bouquet of Gardenia flowers and Primrose.
Honeysuckle — adds cascading branches of soft, orange and yellow Honeysuckle with gentle accents of Jasmine to complete the blend.

Comprising premium-grade Paraffin and Soy waxes and the finest quality ingredients from around the world, this candle guarantees a clean, consistent burn.

Key features:

Dimensions: 19cm x 12cm x 9.2cm
Weight: 453g
Burn time: 50 hours.

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